Your Handheld Recorder, In The Sky

Cloud Dictation allows you to keep all the functionality of your handheld recorder, but with a digital world twist. Features - such as pause, rewind, edit and delete - make dictating using a phone easy. Unlike your handheld recorder, you never have to carry us around, replace worn batteries or worry about uploading files or deleting used analog tapes. We are always a phone call away & your files are immediately routed to your typist anywhere around the globe via secure email or our CLOUDftp

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Cloud Dictation handles requests from traditional and social channels.
There are more ways to communicate than ever before.

No Ordinary Dial In Dictation System

What good is the cloud if it is not connected to a powerful web application? We offer secure and convenient around the clock access to all your dictations, at no additional charge. Account administrators can even create additional team members in order to grant anyone access to audio-files. It is the perfect place to file away dictations for later use or to quickly type up a report.

  • Add team members for FREE
  • Easily control access to any file or folder
  • View activity for every download or action
  • Keep up to date with all your files

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Helps Keep You Organized

Cloud Dictation encodes powerful data into your dictations by tagging every audio-file. Timestamp, date, a JOB ID along with various other tags help ensure that you will never lose track of an important dictation ever again. With a push of a few buttons you can mark a dictation as priority or even assign a medical record number to your file.

Our Software Engineers can even custom configure file naming conventions based on your specific criteria in order to seamlessly integrate with your existing system.

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Integration Ready

Hate paying high prices for your dial in dictation, but are worried about changing your entire infrastructure? We, at Cloud Dictation, believe that you do not have to disrupt your current business practices in order to save lots of money. More and more companies are moving core business applications to the cloud. Voice capture vendors need to be compatible. Cloud Dictation was designed from the ground up to integrate with your existing platform. Our advanced file routing software can push files directly into your proprietary Transcription ASP or any of the major Transcription ASP's. All you have to do is enter your ftp destination and we will handle the rest.

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Convenient File Retrieval

Our system offers everyone two simple yet helpful file retrieval methods. You can choose to receive timely email alerts which help ensure that you never miss an important dictation. Adding additional email recipients is FREE, which means that you, your typist or any team member or business partner can all receive alerts at the same time to help ensure that everyone is on the same page. We also offer our CLOUDftp which is perfect for batch downloads.

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