Cloud Dictation Security

Cloud Dictation is fully HIPAA compliant

Cloud Dictation is fully HIPAA compliant

Please refer to the HIPAA Section for details.

Our network engineers are continuously optimizing the routing to ensure low latency and high bandwidth throughput across all datacenter locations. Customers additionally have the option to request custom routing.

Cloud Dictation has established procedures to receive and resolve complaints, including a zero-tolerance policy and sanctions for non-compliant employees.

Cloud Dictation has established secure logging and tracking mechanisms that document any access to dial in dictations.

Cloud Dictation does not share information with any of our vendors, clients, partners, contractors, or temporary or part-time employees.

Cloud Dictation has established a minimum of three layers of physical security at each of our data center facilities to further protect patient and provider information.

Cloud Dictation has a designated Privacy Officer responsible for the development and implementation of information security policies, procedures, and technology.

Phone in Dictations are stored only on secure servers which can be accessed only via a unique per-employee user name, password, and RSA SecureID two-factor authentication process.

Cloud Dictation has training programs focused on our privacy policies to educate our employees on the appropriate care and handling of private health care data as required by HIPAA mandates.

All patient-and-provider-specific information received or generated as a result of delivering our services is treated as confidential.

Cloud Dictation monitors HIPAA news and legislation to ensure our compliance.

Cloud Dictation investigates any HIPAA Compliance deviations immediately.

Cloud Dictation does not allow patient or provider information to be printed by our staff at any time.